Random Art

Here's a little something just for fun, that a number of us on the Compuserve Books and Writers Forum have been playing with for the past few weeks. (Thanks to Janet McConnaughey, who found the site.)

Go to www.random-art.org and you can create artwork based on any text you type in. The pictures are created, and the colors, shapes, lines, curves, etc. are determined, totally at random based on a complicated formula (it's explained on the site, if you're interested) which makes it impossible to tell in advance what a picture will look like. So, you just type in a word or phrase, wait a couple of minutes, and see what the program comes up with.

It's addictive, and I'm finding it a lot of fun. (Especially as I have no particular artistic talent myself.) Take a look at some of the best pictures people have created recently, to get an idea of what's possible.

Some people find that just typing in their name results in a pretty (or at least interesting) picture. Mine (Karen Henry) came out rather bland and boring, unfortunately:

But I was quite pleased with this one, which I created earlier this week for Diana:

That's "fuirich agus chi thu", which is Gaelic for "wait and see", one of Diana's favorite phrases.

If you want to try it for yourself, go here to create your own artwork.

Have fun! <g>


Karen Henry said...

Check out "here we go again", which I created yesterday. And if you like it, please vote for it in the Gallery.


Sandy said...

That sounds cool, fun and interesting; though I know I would not understand any of the tech stuff, so will just give it a go and not do the reading. lol

Thanks for placing my ad, it's appreciated.

Hope you'll swing by for a visit, you don't need to pack, just travel virtually with me.

Have a great wkend

Sandy said...

Bummer, First looked and looked voted on about 40 while looking for where to try it. Couldn't find it. Came back here and realized you had a separate link which I used. Submitted 2, waited well beyond 2 minutes, srolled through the multiple pages 3 times and never did see the ones I submitted. ahhhh, made me loose interest

Karen Henry said...


Look in the Visitor Gallery for the pictures you created. They show up in the order created (most recent pictures first) and it does take a while sometimes, but eventually you will see them.


SighNetDollars said...
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