Australia and NZ tour information

Here are a couple of links I found with information on Diana Gabaldon's upcoming book-tour of New Zealand and Australia:

New Zealand (November 2-6) - scroll down on this page to see Diana's tour information

Australia (November 9-20)

I hope those of you Down Under find this information helpful. If anybody has any more details, feel free to post a comment here!


Claire G said...

The only additional info I have is on the Perth event on the 9th of November- the cost is $30, includes morning tea, and the books will be available for sale on the day. They're expecting up to 300 people at that event.

Matthew Schep said...

Oh my gosh we are lucky in Dunedin to get it free... Can't wait!!!!!!!!

Belinda said...

I cant wait. I have already contacted the North Sydney event and i was told to get there early as he expects quite a few people to turn up. How exciting!!!

rikkis12 said...

can u please help me find the missing excerpt where Claire tells jamie about lord john while he is in prison

Karen Henry said...

Rikkis12 - Sorry, I've never seen that particular excerpt myself. (I'm not an excerpt-reader, so I never went and looked for it.) I think if you look around on Compuserve, someone there found it a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure where the link is. Ask on the LOL Excerpt Board and maybe someone there can help you find it.


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