Outlander Calendar 2010

Take a look at the wonderful Outlander Series Calendar 2010 that Jari Backman has put together on his site. Jari put a lot of time and effort into this, and I think we'll find it very useful.

There are two different views: monthly (to view one month at a time) and annual (to view all of 2010 on one page).

Dates that are taken directly from the books are displayed in blue. For example, on January 21 it says, "1776, The House on Fraser's Ridge doesn't burn down, ABOSAA".

Birthdays are displayed in red. For example, look at May 1, which is Jamie's birthday.

Dates for which we know only the month and year, but not the specific day, are displayed in magenta. For example, look at April 28, which says: "1948, Claire returns to 20th Century, DIA". We know she arrived in the 20th century in late April, 1948, but the exact date is not given in the books, so the magenta color indicates that this date is only speculation. (Many of these dates shown in magenta are very good guesses, but only Diana can say for sure if they're accurate. <g>)

Holidays are displayed in green. These include U.S. holidays as well as the sun feasts and fire feasts (look at November 1, for example, which is Samhain).

Jari, thanks so much for this! It's going to be a wonderful resource for OUTLANDER fans. I have said it before, but I think you deserve the title of Unofficial Keeper of the Timeline. <g> And thank you again for all your help with the Notable Dates This Month feature on this site. I really appreciate it.

UPDATE 12/30/09 5:44 pm - I just wanted to let people know that this calendar contains SPOILERS for AN ECHO IN THE BONE, and you may want to be cautious with it, if you haven't yet finished the book.

UPDATE 12/31/09 7:15 am - If you have comments about the calendar, or suggestions, or if you see something that needs to be corrected, please contact Jari Backman at sinijari@sinijari.fi, or post in the thread on Compuserve, here. Thanks.


Skylark said...

I just found this calendar - it is wonderful! So is the Excel version on Jari's website. It really helps to keep events in perspective - good when you review before reading the new book.
Karen, could you make a link to this on the sidebar of your blog? It's been sitting there for 2 years and I never knew...
Thanks for your awesome blog!

Karen Henry said...

In fact I did have a link to this calendar on my blog for all of 2010 :-) I took it down because Jari didn't update it for 2011. I do have a link to Jari's site on the sidebar, though. Why not contact him directly to let him know what you think of the calendar? I'm sure he would be very happy to hear that you like it.


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