Vote for ECHO on Goodreads!

Goodreads is running a poll of the Best Books of 2009, and Diana Gabaldon's AN ECHO IN THE BONE is (as I write this) #15 and climbing.

Diana posted this on her blog yesterday:

"At a glance, there seem to be a _lot_ of good books listed, and I'm honored to be among them."

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. I'm not sure how long the poll will be open. You have to be a member of Goodreads to vote, but it's free and the signup process is very quick.

Thanks to RZ on Compuserve for letting us know about this!

UPDATE 12/27/09 4:35 pm: If you haven't yet voted in this poll, please note, there are two different listings for ECHO on the "Best Books of 2009" page that I linked to above -- one showing the U.S. cover (black background with a gold caltrop) and one showing the UK cover (blue with a skeletal leaf). In the interest of consolidating things, until Goodreads can fix this, I would recommend that you vote for the one with the U.S. cover, which is the one ranked higher in the list. (They're the SAME book, after all!) Thanks.

UPDATE 12/30/09 6:10 am: The two listings for ECHO have been combined into one (thanks to Judie at LOL for contacting Goodreads to get this fixed!) and ECHO is now solidly in third place. If you haven't yet voted, click here.

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