LOL boards were down...but now they're back!

Those of you who follow the Ladies of Lallybroch site may have noticed that the message boards -- including the LOL Books Board, Excerpt Board, and LOL ECHO Board -- have been down for several days.

I have no connection with the LOL site myself (except as someone who occasionally posts on the boards). But I wanted to let you know that Judie is aware of the situation and is trying to contact the server administrators to get it resolved. In the meantime, if I hear any updates I will pass them along to you here.

I think it's rather ironic that the site went down on the very day that discussion of AN ECHO IN THE BONE was to have started on the LOL Books Board. Maybe someone up there really didn't want to give up the separate ECHO discussion board just yet? (Just kidding. Really.)

Let's hope they can get the site back up and running very soon! LOL is one of the oldest OUTLANDER fan sites, and a terrific place for Diana Gabaldon's fans to meet and talk about the books.

UPDATE 2-3-2010: The boards are back up!

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