OUTLANDER: The Musical - how to order CDs

Diana Gabaldon posted more detailed information on Compuserve yesterday about the OUTLANDER song-cycle (titled "OUTLANDER: The Musical"), including information on how to order a copy of the CD that goes on sale August 1.

Mike Gibb, the songwriter, explained the ordering process as follows:
The CD will be available mail order from 1 August but advance orders are now being taken. The CD costs £10 plus £1.00 postage (UK only) and US$15 plus $4.00 postage outside the UK. Payment can be made to info@hamepages.com at Paypal. Anyone unsure on how to make payment please contact me at the above email address and I’ll happily guide you through the process.
At the moment, there is not yet a web site for the OUTLANDER CDs. You can do what I did, and send a payment via PayPal to info@hamepages.com, including your name and mailing address and specifying that it is for the OUTLANDER CD.

If you haven't yet listened to the song, it's available to download here. (Diana says it's fine to share it with your friends, too.)

And here are the Gaelic lyrics, also provided by songwriter Mike Gibb:
Is tu fuil ‘o mo chuislean, is tu cnaimh de mo chnaimh.
Is leatsa mo bhodhaig, chum gum bi sinn ‘n ar n-aon.
Is leatsa m’anam gus an criochnaich ar saoghal.
Is tu fuil ‘o mo chuislean, is tu cnaimh de mo chnaimh
Based on what we've heard so far, and the list of song titles that Diana provided in her post on Compuserve, I'm very excited to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. Two more weeks, and then we'll all find out!

UPDATE 7/23/2010 6:40 am: For more information about "OUTLANDER: The Musical", check out the official web site, outlanderthemusical.com.

UPDATE 8/9/2010 4:50 pm: You can see my comments on the songs on the CD here.

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Anonymous said...

The song is lovely!
I am lucky enough to be in Scotland and close enough to hopefully attend the live performance in Aberdeen. I'm very excited to hear the rest of the songs from the cd.

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