If you liked THE EXILE

If you have read and enjoyed THE EXILE, how about posting a review on Amazon.com? (Even if it's just a few brief comments.) I've been startled by how many 1-star reviews this book has been getting so far, and I think it's going to give a lot of people the wrong impression about this book.

I get the feeling that a lot of people who wrote those comments have never seen a graphic novel before, or were expecting something very different. I think it's only fair that those of us who enjoyed the book should make our opinions known as well. (And of course, it's perfectly OK to comment on anything you didn't like.)

I've already put in my review. Some of you may already have done the same -- and if you have, thanks! If you prefer to post a review anonymously, that's fine, you don't need to tell me about it, but I think if we can mobilize the OUTLANDER fans who DID like the book to post their reactions, it would help to balance things out a little.

For what it's worth....Diana Gabaldon has often said that she doesn't read the Amazon reviews. (Not that I can blame her!)


Marte said...

I put up a review. Can't believe people didn't know what they were getting!

I gave it four stars, mainly due to some of the quibbles I had about the artwork. I'm glad Diana doesn't read those reviews, though, because the number of whiners would surely drive anyone nuts.

Karen Henry said...

Thanks Marte! I agree, it's a good thing Diana doesn't read the Amazon reviews. Her eyes would roll right out of her head at some of these comments!


Anonymous said...

Here's another whine:

I agree with the person who pointed out that Jamie's face changes as the story develops. Too bad.

Also: The women are all too boobish; the men look so much alike that I had trouble figuring out which of the characters was speaking; Jamie's shirt disappears in the frame where he's crouched in Black Jack's window only to reappear as one without sleeves; what's the deal with Kenneth?

Other than those small complaints, I really enjoyed (and will re-enjoy) "The Exile".

Karen Henry said...

Anonymous - Jamie's shirt doesn't "disappear" -- look at the bottom two panels on the page where they make their escape from BJR's office, and you can clearly see Jamie wrapping Claire in his shirt, and Claire wearing the shirt. So, naturally, in the next scene (outside) he isn't wearing his shirt, because he gave it to Claire (for modesty's sake), exactly as described in OUTLANDER.


Terry D said...

Thanks for the nudge to post a review. I didn't even realize there were reviews and comments on amazon. I spend more time on blogs like yours.

Anonymous said...

Check out the frame right before the disappearing shirt one. His plaid is in-place just like in the shirtless one that follows.

Maybe I don't get the time span principles of graphic novels.

Anyhow, Diana rules. I love her writing. It's such a pleasure to read the kind of intelligent prose she creates.

barbara schumacher

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