Pictures from the snowstorm

Here are some of my pictures from the snowstorm in Raleigh, NC. It started about 8 pm on Christmas night and continued most of the day on Sunday. We got at least 7 inches at my house, which is a LOT for this area!

The first picture was taken about 9:30 pm on Christmas Day, when the snow was just beginning to stick. This is my proof that we did indeed have a white Christmas, technically. The official total was 0.4 inches on Christmas Day, tying the previous record set in 1947.

Here's the view out my front door the next morning. If you look closely, you can see the snow falling. <g>

View of my street. I love the look of my round shrub wearing a cap of snow.

My front walk, buried in snow.

Back yard view.

Another view of the back yard.

It's so rare for us to get enough snow to make a decent snowman, I just couldn't resist. <g> This little guy is about 20 inches tall, and he's wearing a Carolina Tar Heels cap. Isn't he cute?

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Good luck to everybody in the Northeast as this storm heads your way!

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