Thanks to a reader of my blog, Diana from Holland, here's the first cover art I've seen for LORD JOHN AND THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, in any language.  This is the Dutch edition, called LORD JOHN EN DE SCHOTSE GEVANGENE.

I like this cover art very much. Very striking! <g>  If you click on the picture and scroll down to where it says "SPECIFICATIES", you'll see that it says the Dutch edition of the book is due out on 9/29 and the length is listed as 512 pages.  Before anybody gets too excited, let me offer a word of caution here:  Considering that Diana is still not finished writing the book, and probably won't be done for several more months, there's no way that page count can possibly be accurate.  And publication dates are also subject to change.

Still, it's a good sign.  If the book is available for pre-order in the Netherlands, maybe the U.S. cover and release date will be announced soon.  I hope so, anyway, and I'll certainly let you know as soon as I hear anything further about that!

UPDATE 3/25/2011:  Diana Gabaldon likes this cover, too.  Her reaction on Compuserve is here if you're interested.


Cari said...

Woo Hoo - thanks for sharing!! :-D

MikiHope said...

Hum, did't even know Diana Gabaldon was in the process of writing another book!! I happened upon you via Agityze!! I am now following!

Michele aka MikiHope


Karen Henry said...

Hi Michele, good to see you here!

Diana is actually working on BOTH Book 8 and LORD JOHN AND THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, but she's focusing more on SCOTTISH PRISONER these days because she hopes to finish it by the end of May or so.


Life Moto said...

just dropping by. have a nice day!

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