More OUTLANDER-related art

The very talented Silvia has produced another wonderful drawing, and I just can't resist sharing it.  Here's Frank Randall:

Diana's reaction to this picture on Compuserve:
Pretty good!   This one is less smirky [than previous attempts], and with a nice faint touch of melancholy.  I like it a lot. <g>

I think this drawing is excellent.  Particularly the look in his eyes.  You can see why Claire fell in love with him.  I see this as a young Frank, maybe during the time after Claire disappeared, or soon after her return.  And it's not hard to imagine his face transformed into Black Jack Randall's. <shudder>

If you want to see the rest of Silvia's artwork, there's a thread on Compuserve here.  I've posted links to some of my favorite pictures here.

Finally, I saw this poster of the standing stones of Callanish on Zazzle yesterday, and I love it!  I'm thinking seriously of ordering a framed print of it.  Just gorgeous!  Thanks to Louise (aka jamiefraserfan on Twitter) for the link!  If you haven't checked out her Outlander Movie blog, by the way, it's definitely worth a look.


Teresa said...

Oooh... I love this. You know, I always wondered why it was even a question for Claire (Jaime vs. Frank) but now that I've seen a drawing of him, I understand. :-)

Mrs Cookie said...

Thanks for the mention Karen!

There are quite a few other posters with images of Standing Stones over on Zazzle but I really thought that this one captured the right kind of atmosphere.

Louise (aka @jamiefraserfan)

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