OUTLANDER Around the World

Here's something special that I have been working on for the last several weeks: OUTLANDER Around the World

Click on the image below to display an interactive map showing all of the countries where Diana Gabaldon's books are currently published. (There are at least 30 of them!)

You can click on the arrows or the + and - to move around the map and zoom in and out.

Notice the red dots. As you hover your mouse over one of those red dots, it will display a small picture of the OUTLANDER (or CROSS STITCH) cover for that country.

[UPDATE 3/8/2012 9:14 am:  If you're having trouble viewing the covers, or if only the country name is displayed and no picture, please leave a comment here and let me know a) which countries are not displaying properly, and b) what web browser you are using. This is still a "work in progress" and there are a few bugs still to be worked out.  Thanks for helping me test it!]

I created this map using iMapBuilder. You need a Flash player in order to view the map, but it should work in most browsers.

Many thanks to:
  • Susan Leidy (aka "Sooz") for suggesting this idea
  • Diana Gabaldon for her permission to use the covers
  • Susan Butler ("Herself's Elf"), Diana's assistant, who sent me a list of all the countries where the books are currently published
  • Carmen Theiler, creator of the Outlandish Cover Gallery, who allowed me to link to the cover images on her site.
If you enjoy looking at the OUTLANDER covers shown on the map, please take some time to explore Carmen's cover gallery. She has a very comprehensive collection of Gabaldon book covers from all over the world -- not just the OUTLANDER series, but the Lord John books as well. I find it very interesting to browse through her collection.

I hope you enjoy this!  The direct link to the map is here.  Please feel free to pass it around to anyone who might be interested.


Christiane KYPREOS said...

Good morning Karen, What can I say ? You are the best!I knew DG has got fans all over the world, you did a great job, thanks.I'm currently on "An Echo" and in "Acknowledgements" I saw your name and was very happy for you. Looking forward to tomorrow FFF.A good day to you. Christiane K

Anonymous said...

Karen, I've got a challenge for you and, believe me, I have no idea how this could be accomplished. Using the same map, possibly, wouldn't it be a hoot to have people who read Diana's books tell where they live in the world by just clicking on a world map?? I've often been amazed at, just on facebook, the places that folks come from that read these books. Just a thought.

Lara said...

Very cool! Thanks, Karen!

Karen Henry said...

Christiane - Yes, I was thrilled to see my name in the Acknowledgements for ECHO (and SCOTTISH PRISONER, too! <g>) I'm glad you like the map. And yes, more FFF coming tomorrow!


Karen Henry said...

Anon - that would be very cool, but I have no idea how to make it happen, I'm afraid.


Karen Henry said...

Thanks, Lara, I'm glad you like it! It was a fun project to work on.


Anonymous said...

That's so cool! It's interesting what the different covers tell us about the various countries -

New Zealand and Australia still haven't thrown off the yoke of Britain but Canada identifies with the US.

The Japanese think Claire is Asian.The Norwegians think she is Slavic.

The Russians see the series as a heroic romantic adventure.

The Portuguese think Scotland is an exotic place that resembles India.

Northern and Eastern Europeans like dark brooding atmospheric covers.

And Serbs don't seem to have the letter 'i' in their alphabet.

Awesome! Thank you!

Karen Henry said...


I loved that analysis. Thank you!

I also think it means the people who design the book covers haven't read the books. Diana complains about that from time to time. Go to Carmen's cover gallery and look at the Lord John covers in Finland, for example, which all feature a woman on the cover. Why a woman, for a book about a gay man? Who knows.

But it's fascinating to see all the covers together in one place like that, isn't it?


Anne said...

Brazilian book covers are awesome.

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