What I think Jamie's hair looks like


Someone posted this picture on Diana Gabaldon's Facebook page today.  This man's name is Johnny Harrington.  He's the closest I've seen yet to my mental image of Jamie's hair color.  (Very close to my own, in fact. <g>)

He'd have to lose the beard, though.  But I could maybe see him as Jamie in VOYAGER, as Captain Alessandro, and in the scene with Claire in his cabin afterward, explaining in detail what he was planning to do once he got her alone. <g>

I have never seen this man before today, and I know nothing about him.  I'm not even sure if he's a model, an actor, or both.  A quick Google image search turns up only pics of him with a beard, which is a shame, because I'd really like to see what he looks like clean-shaven.  But I like the hair, definitely!

In my opinion, even with the beard, Johnny Harrington resembles the way Jamie is described in the books far more than hunk-du-jour Chris Hemsworth!  (No offense to those of you who like Chris Hemsworth, but I happen to agree with Diana Gabaldon about him; his very pronounced widow's peak is a major turn-off for me.)

UPDATE 6/18/2012 6:43 am:  I posted this picture on Compuserve last night, and Diana's response was, "Yeah, that's the hair and skin-tone, all right."


Anonymous said...

Wow! I think I completely agree... he could definitely be a Jamie. There's actually one picture of home without a beard... looks nice! Thanks for posting. :)

maria said...

Yes that is the color alright. About Chris Hemsworth widows peak. Didnt even notice it until you wrote it, i usually just stop at the eyes lol. But the hair color is spot on!

JulesRhuidh said...

I saw yesterday's post and Googled him too, because he is the nearest I've ever seen to the picture I have in my head when I think of Jamie's character. While some of the actors would probably make a fine job of acting out Jamie's character, none of them "look" quite like him.
Shame this model is a tad short at 'only' 6' 1/2"!

Jennifer said...

He also has a straight/knife-edged nose- I'd love to see a pic of him without a beard too!

Anonymous said...

You remined me of my favorite scene ...all the noises she doesn't make...ah!!!! He looks like my vision of Jaime

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Wow Karen very good likeness of what I picture Jaime to be.. Didn't he have a beard when he was Dunbonnet because he lived in that cave not far from Lallybroch?

Anyway Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

While his side profile is quite enticing, he is very plain face-on and also very freckled, so I was surprised to read Diana's comment about his skin tone. I don't think Jamie has freckles does he?

Have to agree with you about Chris Hemsworth - he's nothing like Jamie's description. Diana keeps writing about Jamie's lean build and people keep picking out men like Chris Hemsworth with a neck like an ox and arms like hams!

Anonymous said...

He's a model. Here's a photo of him (mostly) without a beard. He does have some stubble in this shot, but it's easier to see his features. Unfortunately, this photo isn't exactly in color. I agree with the hair color in the photo Karen posted, but his face is just not the Jamie in my head!


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