Map of OUTLANDER book covers updated

Some of you may remember the map of international OUTLANDER book covers I created earlier this year, called OUTLANDER Around the World.

Click on the image below to display an interactive map showing all of the countries where Diana Gabaldon's books are currently published. (There are at least 30 of them!)

You can click on the arrows or the + and - to move around the map and zoom in and out.

Notice the red dots. As you hover your mouse over one of those red dots, it will display a small picture of the OUTLANDER (or CROSS STITCH) cover for that country.  (Yes, I know they're tiny!  I hope to be able to replace these with larger images sometime in the future, but I haven't done it yet.)

I've updated the map to add the new Indonesian and Greek covers for OUTLANDER.  Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again to Carmen Theiler for her help in keeping this map up to date.


Anonymous said...


You are a master programmer in addition to your many other talents!


French Becky said...

Thanks, Karen! The Russian cover gets my vote.


Karen Henry said...

Jerry - Thanks! I used a website that lets you build maps with a few simple mouse clicks. Not much programming required. :-)

Becky - I like that one, too. Glad you liked the map. :-)


Unknown said...

Hi Karen

Thought you would like to see the cover for the Danish translation of Outlander. Expected release November 3rd 2015

Outlander Denmark

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