SCOTTISH PRISONER audiobook on sale through 11/26!

I just found out that the audiobook of Diana Gabaldon's novel THE SCOTTISH PRISONER (narrated by Jeff Woodman and Rick Holmes) is on sale at for $4.95.  But you have to act fast!  This offer is only good through midnight on November 26!  Thanks to Carol A. on Compuserve for the tip!

This is a good deal if you can take advantage of it.  The catch is that you have to log in with an id in order for the sale price to show up.  The link is here.  If that doesn't show the sale price of $4.95, try this and scroll down the page until you see THE SCOTTISH PRISONER.

I don't know if this offer is valid outside the US.

If you haven't yet listened to the SCOTTISH PRISONER audiobook, I would recommend it.  My detailed review is here.

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Travel Truth 101 said...

Hi There! Just tried this from Germany and it doesn't seem to work, so I guess that answers your "out of USA" question. Thanks for the tip though! Cheers, Kristy

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