Video reviewer gets a part in the TV series!

Some of you may remember these video reviews of OUTLANDER and DRAGONFLY IN AMBER, posted by Jack Taylor on YouTube in 2011.

These videos are highly entertaining (especially if you DON'T take the views expressed therein too seriously!)

Why am I bringing this up again?  Because the creator of these video reviews showed up on Compuserve today, announcing that he's going to be in the OUTLANDER TV series!  You may see him as an extra in one of the episodes, if you look carefully.


Anonymous said...

Well he truly likes the sound of his own voice, and while I tried not to take it too seriously, my resentment built. Hit the mute!

susan317 said...

Karen- Thanks for posting these bits. I love Outlander, but this is the best bit of comedy I've seen in ages!

Emily said...

Oh man I love that guy! His videos were hilarious. So glad he gets to be a part of the show! :)

Unknown said...

Karen, you are the best. Finding these gems makes you a go-to source for all things Outlander. Thank you soooo much! And I'm also verra glad this guy is in the production - he's HILARIOUS!

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