Video of SDCC panel discussion

Here's the video of the panel discussion from SDCC,with Diana Gabaldon, Ron Moore, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, Graham McTavish, and Lotte Verbeek.

It's about 53 minutes long, including the trailer video at the beginning, and I thought it was fantastic!

[UPDATE 7/28/2014 5:24 am] Note to people outside the US: if the video above doesn't work for you, try this:

Part 1
Part 2

The actors all look like they're having such a good time, and they obviously get along very well together.  I had not heard Graham or Lotte talk about their impressions of the show before, and I thought that was very interesting.  I enjoyed hearing Ron Moore talk about the series.  And Diana's comment at 37:38 ("Are there things you didn't put in the book?  Yeah, I thought of one just yesterday.") made me laugh out loud.

I think Tobias will get better at this. He seemed shy and a little nervous (Diana said on Compuserve  that he was jet-lagged and exhausted), but I thought what he said about BOTH his characters was interesting.

If you haven't seen this video, I would definitely recommend it!

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