Attention NY and NJ fans: Optimum dropping STARZ!

Maril Davis (executive producer of OUTLANDER) tweeted this today:

I hope the campaign is successful. It would be a real shame (understatement!) if fans in the NY/NJ area weren't able to see future seasons of OUTLANDER!

Please help get the word out! If you have trouble getting through to the website, call their toll-free number (844-71-STARZ), and try the website again later.


Anonymous said...

AsburyParkPress 01/02/2018

Starz has fallen off Optimum's cable lineup.

Altice USA, the parent company of Optimum, said it will no longer carry StarzEncore programming on its cable system. The result of a dispute over pricing, Altice said customers will have to sign up for Starz's own streaming service instead.

"Despite numerous attempts by Altice USA to reach a deal with Starz for continued carriage in video packages and a la carte carriage, Starz refused all offers, including an offer to extend our current arrangement," Altice said in a statement.Altice balked after Starz wanted to charge the cable company more than the cost of the channel's own streaming service, an option the premium channel provider markets directly to consumers for $8.99 per month.

To say this Optimum customer is unhappy - would be a grievous understatement. Without warning, STARZ was just gone from my cable channel - poof! Optimum still managed to cash the regular agreed upon payment for cable service in which my contract included STARZ!
Is it any wonder WHY cable is going the way of the dinosaur?
ala cart we come!

Anonymous said...

I have already planned to pay for Starz via my Smart Tv or a Roku.
I am dropping the Optimum movie package totally when all my discounts run out in June
When GOT returns, I will pick up HBO for the 6 episodes.

Anonymous said...

Dropping Optimum move package in June, when their startup discounts ends.
Will pick up Starz separately when Outlander Season 4 starts, and HBO when GOT comes back

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