Photos of Roan Mountain

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a site with some absolutely breathtaking photographs of Roan Mountain, which is located near the North Carolina/Tennessee border. Even if it's not precisely the same place as where Fraser's Ridge is supposed to be located, it's definitely in the same general area, and Diana confirmed, when I asked, that it would be visible from Fraser's Ridge. Apologies to those of you who may have seen these already when I put the link up on Compuserve, but I thought the pictures deserved a wider audience. They are truly stunning. And for those of you who have never visited the mountains of western North Carolina, I hope this will give you a better idea of what the area is like. Enjoy!


Merrymags said...


I have yet to experience the wonders of the Scottish Highlands or the beauty of our own Appalachians, which run along the eastern U.S., from Georgia up to and through Canada. But, after having viewed these images, I can fully understand why Jamie Fraser felt that he had arrived home while meandering the mountains of North Carolina. Stunning photos.


Jari Backman said...

Dear Karen,

Those pictures are really amazing. I have watched them again and again. Jerry Greer's site is worth checking.

As a side note I just found on the side menu: Notable Dates This Month.

That's Just a Great Idea [G].

Karen Henry said...

Hi Jari:

I knew you'd appreciate that! <vbg> Didn't I once call you the Unofficial Keeper of the Timeline?

Maybe you can help me out, because I need to get some dates together for October. Without looking, all I know for sure is that Claire's birthday is on October 20. If you have more suggestions, PM me.


Diane M. said...


These pictures are breathtaking. Thank you for posting them. I did see them on Compuserve, but I could see them every day and be happy!

When I am reading (or listening) to any of the Outlander books, for some reason my brain sees the characters and the events as exisitng in the right environment - the mountain and the forests and clearings in the mountains, but I stop there in the immediate environment. These pictures help me to pull back and see the vistas and views that they would all see, the bigger world around them rather than just the immediate area. I hadn't realized that I'd limited my imagination that way until looking at these photos.


Jari Backman said...

Dear Karen,

I'll be happy to help. [g]

I liked the pictures so much that ordered a book by Jerry Greer.

Anonymous said...


I love the photos of Roan Mountain. I live 20 minutes from Roan Mountain on the Tennessee side. Many years ago my friends would go to the top of the Roan late at night and sit at the look out for hours. Great memories

Anonymous said...

Sorry that should read "my friends and I"

Janellybelly said...

Hi Karen
Thank you for sharing the link to the photos, they are awesome & so visually beautiful. I can picture Jamie and Claire there - in my minds eye.
Janelle N

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