"The Highlanders" Doctor Who episode

Many of you have heard Diana's story of how she got the idea for the character of Jamie from an old "Doctor Who" episode featuring a young man in a kilt named Jamie. <g>

You can now view detailed information about the episode ("The Highlanders") that introduced this character, here. It's set in 1746 Scotland around the time of the battle at Culloden. And here's a link to a "photonovel" (sort of a slideshow of the episode, scene by scene).

A few things I noticed immediately:

1) The laird in the story is named Colin. That's pretty close to Colum, don't you think? <g>

2) There is a character named Grey, a British solicitor who proclaims himself "His Majesty's Commissioner for the disposal of rebel prisoners." And though he seems pretty unscrupulous, not at all like Lord John Grey, I can't help but wonder if perhaps the name was planted in Diana's subconscious when she saw this episode, long before she wrote DRAGONFLY. Even if that's not the case, I think the coincidence of names is pretty amazing.

3) Watching the scenes that take place in the little cottage, surrounded by British forces, I couldn't help but think of the similar scene in DRAGONFLY, where Claire and the others take refuge in the little church.

Thanks very much to Carlotta, on Compuserve, for providing the link to the BBC archive! I had fun looking through this, and I hope you will, too.

UPDATE 11/22/08 4:12 pm: Oops! It turns out I was wrong in my initial assumption. Diana says this is not, in fact, the same episode that inspired the character of Jamie. The episode she saw was called "War Games". A quick look at the BBC site reveals that this same Jamie was indeed a character in that episode, but he wasn't the main focus of the plot, just a young man in a kilt who happened to be in it. <g> It doesn't matter to me. It's the same character, after all, who inspired Jamie Fraser.


Jari Backman said...
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Jari Backman said...

Dear Karen,

A funny thing that they had so much more info from the earlier episodes.

Here is the best picture of Jamie that I found.

And in this video from Season Four, he uses the accent.

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