Problems on Compuserve Forum

For those of you who visit the Compuserve Books and Writers Forum where Diana hangs out, you probably have noticed that the site has been having problems today, with major changes to the look and feel of the screens, and possibly other issues that I'm not aware of.

Please don't email me asking for help with this. I don't know any more about the changes than you do, and I have absolutely no power to fix anything on Compuserve outside of the posts in Diana's section of the forum itself. Things are in a state of flux over there today, and changes are continuing to take place as the powers that be (whoever they are) find and fix bugs.

Any updates will be posted on the General Forum on the Compuserve Books and Writers Forum as we learn more. Until then, please be patient, and remember I'm just as baffled by the sudden changes as the rest of you.


Karen Henry said...
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Karen Henry said...

Just a quick update: The issues seem to have been mostly resolved now. If you are still having problems, please post in the General section of the Compuserve forum and someone should be able to help.


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