Diana posted a message on Compuserve this morning clarifying what she meant about the ending of ECHO (see my blog entry from yesterday), and telling me to tone it down a little (ouch! but I probably deserved that). Please read what she says in her own words, and my reply, here.

I'm sorry for stirring things up yesterday; it really wasn't my intention to have people start to panic!

UPDATE 8/8/09 9:02 am: Diana posted this on Compuserve the other day: "And you shouldn't read the last page [of ECHO] first NOT because it's shocking (the last page isn't shocking at all) but because you'll ruin something wonderful for yourself if you do."

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B Lines said...

It's certainly understandable to get all worked up about something like that. I don't normally read the last page, but during stressful passages, I do jump ahead. It helps me go back and really concentrate on the passage instead of dread where it's leading. With the seemingly dire warning, I was planning to jump right to the last page. Sorry if that offends anyone. *g* I'm relieved it was a false alarm.

By the way, I love reading your posts!

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