Wordless Wednesday: Standing Stones

In observance of Wordless Wednesday, here are a number of pictures, mostly from www.webshots.com, of stone circles and similar formations around the world. Hope you enjoy them! Stone circle in County Cork, Ireland Stonehenge, England Another view of Stonehenge Megaliths of Almendres, Portugal Wassu, Gambia Calanais (Callanish), Scotland Castlerigg, Scotland If you like these, please check out my previous Wordless Wednesday posts: Wordless Wednesday: Places in the Books Wordless Wednesday: OUTLANDER Places Wordless Wednesday: Men in Kilts!


Grampy said...

The stones are really amazing. I've seen the pictures of stonehenge many times. Thanks for sharing the others.

Karen Henry said...

I was really amazed to find examples from so many different countries. If anyone knows of any pictures of stone circles or similar formations in North America, please feel free to post a link here. I was disappointed not to find anything online about stone circles in North America. (Not that I'm really expecting to find pictures of, say, the standing stones on Ocracoke Island, NC, that Diana describes in ABOSAA <g>, but you never know...)


A Lil Enchanted said...

Beautiful!!!! I would love to visit these places : )

~A Lil Enchanted~

Business said...

May I copy the pictures...?

Karen Henry said...


Those pictures aren't mine. :-) I got most of them from www.webshots.com, and you can link to them the same way I did.


Anonymous said...


I know this is ages after the post, but I have just come across your blog.

Castlerigg is not in Scotland. It is in England in the Lake District (Cumbria).

Great blog by the way, enjoying it very much.


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