ECHO: Part Two

Feel free to post your comments, reactions, and questions about Part Two here.


If you haven't yet finished Part Two of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, you may want to read the comments here with caution, because you will encounter spoilers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I am soooooo jealous that you are going to the book signing today. I have 2 little ones with me at home today that are dictating my schedule. I am comforting myself with the hope that "Herself" will make her way back this way when the next book comes out!

Part 2 had me wondering if there will be more revealed regarding Jamie's abiilty to "see" the children in his dreams. I think it will be interesting to see how/if that is addressed. Since Jamie is unable to travel through the stones, I think it's cool he has his special connection with the kids through his dreams. Although I am hesitant to make progress when I go to LOL and read the spoilers, I know I will be suffering from a little bit of stress as I get further into the book.
I am curious to see how this Willie-Dottie story plays out. Part of me feels the Lord John-Willie storyline seems to be going slower than other parts of the book, but I am hoping that at some point there is some correspondence between Jamie and Lord John. I am not feeling their connection right now.
Have fun today - I am sure I have more thoughts on Part 2, but it is early and my brain is not bringing any other thoughts to mind.

Kelly K.

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