Outlandish Gifts on Facebook

An online acquaintance of mine, Diana Larson, has created a wonderful little application for Facebook, called "Outlandish Gifts", which allows Facebook members to exchange pictures of various objects, places, and people mentioned in the OUTLANDER books.

I discovered this "Outlandish Gifts" app in September 2009, and have been having fun exchanging these pictures with other fans on Facebook. Diana Larson has put quite a bit of effort into the selection of the pictures, trying to stay as close to the descriptions in the books as possible, and some of her ideas are really quite creative. (Pretty impressive, considering that she is new to the series; she's just now finishing her first read of ABOSAA and as far as I know she hasn't yet read ECHO.)

Here's how it works:

1) Log in to Facebook and go to the Outlandish Gifts main page.

2) Click on "Go to Application", just below the picture of OUTLANDER. A series of pictures (referred to as “gifts”) is displayed. The more pictures you send, the more you can unlock.

3) Click on an item in the list to see a slightly larger picture:

4) Choose which friends you'd like to send this picture to.

That's it! Very simple, and addictive. <g>

Diana Larson has created more than 200 of these pictures (she's constantly adding new ones, so check back frequently for more!), and various OUTLANDER fans on Facebook have sent more than 18,000 of them as gifts to other Facebook members! That's just phenomenal.

I would encourage any of you who are active on Facebook to check out this gift app. And thanks again to Diana Larson for the enormous amount of work and creativity she's put into these gifts.

BTW, I mentioned this app to Diana Gabaldon recently, and she said, "Please do assure Diana Larson that I don't mind at all, and am very flattered that she thinks enough of my work to do such a thing." <g>

UPDATE 1/18/2010: If you found the "Outlandish Gifts" app as a result of my post here, and you like what you see, and I'm not already on your Facebook friends list, send me a friend request mentioning this post. I'll be happy to accept it. My FB profile page is here.


Deniz Bevan said...

I love this application! The pictures truly are spot on.
I especially like passing Adso around :-)

oyz said...
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