OUTLANDER video parody

Here's the latest addition to Diana Gabaldon's YouTube channel. Thanks to the ever-vigilant Nikki Rowe for keeping an eye out for gems like this! I think it's hilarious.

My favorite bits:

  • Black Jack Randall's maniacal laughter
  • The itty-bitty stone circle (well, Claire does describe it in the book as a "miniature henge", but I never imagined it as quite that tiny!)
  • "That's MY ginger!"
  • Three words: fake chest hair <g>


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Very funny! Thanks for pointing this out!

Northernlove said...

That was so unbelievably funny, I am wiping tears from my eyes!!!! Awesome! I like the part where Claire says to Jamie she is better looking then her other husband so she will stay!!! LMAO!!

Adee aka kiwigirl42 said...

thats hilarious! loved Claire's rapidly changing accent!

Amy said...

So great, "That's My Ginger!" has to be the best line, 'tho I think "best actor" goes to Cpt. Randall. S/he was awesome. Great expressions.

NigheanDubh said...

That was hilarious. Love Claire's decision on remaining with Jamie, since he's better looking. Also enjoyed the "That's My Ginger!" comment.

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