Outlander Book Club contest

April (aka twilighttink) at Outlander Book Club asked me to pass along the following announcement of a contest that they're running in celebration of the site's one-year anniversary: Fast Facts: The contest: enter a 250+ word essay on one of the topics listed below. The winner: will be chosen at random from one of the essays entered. The prize: a signed ~ and personalized! ~ copy of The Exile! Contest ends September 16. The topics are: 1. Who is your favorite character? Why? 2. Which is your favorite book? Why? 3. What is your favorite scene? Why? 4. Why do you love the Outlander Series? 5. What is a question you most want answered? Why? 6. How has Outlander changed the way you view your world? 7. How has Outlander changed your life? If you have questions about the contest, please post in the thread on OBC, not here. I am not affiliated with their site, I'm just passing along the information for those who may be interested. And no, I don't think I'm going to enter the contest. I do more than enough thinking and talking and writing about OUTLANDER on a daily basis as it is, and I would have a hard time limiting myself to 250 words on any of these topics. <g> Good luck to those of you entering the contest!

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TinkNCognito said...

Thanks Karen for posting the information, you are a real gem!

Now we can't wait for the release of Exile!

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