Owning a piece of Fraser's Ridge

I got a brochure in the mail yesterday advertising land for sale (very cheap -- these are foreclosure properties, being liquidated in the next couple of weeks) in Linville Falls, NC, in the mountains, very close to the area where Fraser's Ridge is supposed to be located. Among other things, they're advertising a "wooded property on a mountain stream with a 1,200 square foot log cabin package" for $59,900. (The "package" apparently means they deliver all the building materials for said log cabin to the site, and you build it yourself. <g>) Unfortunately, the only web site I found is this one, which looks like just a scanned-in copy of the front of the brochure. But if you take a close look at the pictures, it really does look just like the Ridge, complete with trout stream nearby. <g> (If you want a better view, look at this site, which is offering similar deals on land in the same area, and has some very nice pictures.) I'm very amused by the idea of the do-it-yourself log cabin. Not that I would actually build one myself, not in a million years! But I can't help wondering what Jamie would think of the idea of assembling a cabin from pre-fabricated parts like that. (No doubt it would save a LOT of work, not having to cut your own logs and all.)


Anonymous said...

My wife and I received the same ad in the mail. We could not find any info on the web either. Guess they want you to call and let them work their "sales mojo" on you. My wife noticed that they spelled "Lenoir" as "Lenore." The cabin package is probably a kit home, with numbered pieces that get assembled in a specific sequence. Didn't read any info about "foreclosure" though.
B & G

Anonymous said...

I got those same ads when I lived in Durham. I can just imagine my husband and myself trying to play Lincoln logs on a giant scale. :-)

Jari Backman said...

We've got it !

It came today in mail. The cover is really nice, simply the logo we all seen and the line "Based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon"

Within the cover paper is a really nice synopsis that cover the scenes with the songs.

I would have loved to get the lyrics, but the songs are really clear. And we already have the gaelic part.

Karen Henry said...


That's great! Please post your reaction on Compuserve when you get a chance, I'm sure Diana would love to hear what you think of the songs!


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