Wordless Wednesday: Men in Kilts!


NatureWoman said...

O. M. G. Phew, good thing I have the air conditioning running. Okay, check this out, Karen - I sooo want to know what is under the kilt of the guy throwing the stone here: http://stphoto.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/view-138-throwing-stones-tossing-cabers/

Karen Henry said...


Oh, so do I! Great picture; thanks for the link!

If anybody else has more MIK pictures, please feel free to share them.


Laane said...

I really know what's under a quilt as I'm part of a bagpipe band.
I'm a female bagpiper. Not much pinctures about us women bagpipers.

ShoeCrazy said...

Karen, pictures like that of Simon Fraser make me have a really hard time convincing myself that Jamie is fictional character :)

And the t-shirt KILT me!!! LOL

Karen Henry said...

Laane - good to hear from you! I didn't know you were a piper :-)

Shoe - Personally I think that T-shirt is hilarious! And the Homer Simpson in a kilt pic makes me laugh, too.


Purgatory Carol said...

OH Gerard...sigh...it's just not right to look that good... ;) Great post, Karen!

Susantjbh said...

Thank you, Karen, that was VERY enjoyable!

Sheila Sultani said...

Two of the funniest kilt pictures I've EVER seen: (a little naked but oh so funny!)



Karen Henry said...

Carol - glad you enjoyed this!

Susan - you're very welcome! :-)

Sheila - I like both of those a great deal, but decided in the end not to include them in this collection. Thanks for the links, though! I'm sure others here will like those pictures too.


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