December poll, CORRECTED!!

Thanks to several people who noticed a rather glaring factual error in one of the options in the poll I posted yesterday, I have deleted the first draft of the December poll and started over.

I've added a few more choices -- Hector Cameron's dirk, the poison-ivy bouquet, and Adso the kitten -- and changed the problematic one to say simply, "The boar's-tusk bracelets", to eliminate the confusion. (I mean the ones Jenny gives to Claire in OUTLANDER, chapter 31, "Quarter Day".)

My sincere apologies to anyone who was confused by the wording in the previous poll! Also, unfortunately, all of the votes cast in the last 24 hours have been wiped out. If you have already voted, please take a moment to vote again. And if you haven't yet voted, there's still plenty of time!

I don't intend to tinker with this poll again. It's meant just for fun, and I hope you will take it in that spirit. Again, I'm very sorry for not checking more carefully before I posted it the first time.

Wishing all my Jewish friends out there a happy Chanukah!

UPDATE 12/2/2010 9:55 am: The FINAL version of this poll has now been posted. I really mean it this time; I'm not changing it again! Sorry for all the confusion.

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