Poll weirdness

I noticed this morning that a great many responses from the January poll seem to have disappeared.  I could have sworn that there were far more than 111 votes showing yesterday!  I think this is probably a Blogger issue, not something I have any control over.

There's still time to cast your vote in this month's poll, if you haven't already.  It will be open until midnight Pacific time on Monday, January 31.

If you think you've already voted, can you please check to see if the poll will let you vote again?  Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any suggestions for future poll topics, please let me know.


Unknown said...

It let me vote again, so my vote had obviously disappeared.

Thing is, I may have voted for a different one this time. LOL! I don't remember which one I previously chose, and it all sort of depends on my mood!

Karen Henry said...

Well, I certainly don't mind if you vote for something different this time! :-)

Sorry about the technical difficulties.


Karen Henry said...

Wow, thanks to everyone who responded! The poll numbers went from 111 to 249 in less than 24 hours! That's phenomenal, really.

Now I have four more days to think up a good poll topic for February. (Maybe I'll reprise the "most romantic quote" poll, in honor of Valentine's Day. That was fun, the last time.)


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