My new job!

I have a new job!!

I have accepted an offer from a small non-profit organization (about 115 employees) that provides credit counseling and debt management services for consumers.  The job title is Data Analyst, which basically means they need someone with strong database and analytical skills, to help with analyzing and reporting on their data.  It's a very close fit with my skills and experience.

This is a permanent, salaried position.  The pay is exactly what I wanted, and the benefits are excellent, on a par with what I had at my last job, but much less expensive. 

The location is good, about 15-20 minutes from my house.  I'll have my own office, which seems like quite a luxury after almost a decade working in a cubicle.  I've never worked for a smaller company before, having spent my whole career until now working for big corporations.  I'm hoping it will be a less stressful environment than my last job, but we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, I am tremendously excited, as you can imagine!  I keep having to pinch myself to see if this is really happening.  But it is -- I have the offer letter in writing -- and I start first thing on Monday. 

I'm delighted to have found a position that meets all the criteria I was looking for.  Wish me luck as I start this new phase of my career!

I will probably be blogging and hanging out on Compuserve somewhat less in the coming weeks, as I get up to speed in the new position, but I promise to continue posting any OUTLANDER-related news here on my blog as soon as I hear about it.


Anonymous said...

Karen!! I am SO excited for you:) Sounds like a perfect fit...and I think that you will REALLY enjoy being in a smaller company environment:) I know that they will LOVE you there and learn to count and depend on you!! I haven't been over to Compuserve much now that I am working again (1st grade...woohoo). So glad that I can keep up with you on Facebook:) Congratulations again...I am REALLY happy for you:)

Diane M. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How very exciting! I hope it is all you expect and more.


Diane in GA said...

Congratulations, Karen!

Belinda said...

Congratulations Karen!! What a great opportunity for you. I wish you much luck and happiness in your new position.

Karen Henry said...

Thanks everybody!


Diane T. said...


As someone who moved from large corporations to small companies years ago, I'd bet you'll be very happy. I found the atmospheres/cultures to be more flexible, relaxed, creative and open to new ideas. I hope that's what you find.

Best wishes and enjoy!

Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations Karen! Hope you have fun :-)

Karen Henry said...

Diane - I hope so, too!

Deniz - thanks very much!


Lolly S said...

Congratulations Karen! Just think you've found work that fits your gifts and you will giving back to others at that same time. Win-win!

Karen Henry said...

Thanks, Lolly! It will be interesting to get some experience in a different industry. And I like the idea that I'll be playing a role (albeit mostly behind the scenes) in helping people get out of debt, which is something that any of us can relate to!


Laura said...

How very exciting for you! Congratulations! Wishing you all the very best on your first day tomorrow. Please keep us posted on this wonderful new chapter in your life.


Karen Henry said...

Thanks, Laura! I'll let you all know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

yay for you!

Silvergirl said...

Congratulation Karen. Wishing you the best

Karen Henry said...

Thanks! Today's my first day. I'm a little nervous, but also excited.


Chin chin said...

Congratulations on having a new job. Hope it goes well.

ChicSassyMom said...

Congratulations! Found you on adgitize! :-)
Hello! Just joined your site. Following you now.

Would love to hear from you too!

Have a great Day!

Jari Backman said...

Belated congratulations. Sounds that you have got a dream job and all the best head winds with it.

Of course you need to have your priorities in order, and people will understand that you are busy with the Real World. Though, everything seem to be as usual at CompuServ.


Karen Henry said...


Thanks so much! I really couldn't be happier. The job really is a perfect fit with my skills and experience, and I feel very much needed in this smaller company, which is important.

I do have access to the forum from work, but have been refraining from logging in during the day, at least during these first few weeks. Don't want to give my manager or coworkers the wrong impression! <g> I'm still keeping a close eye on Diana's section before and after work and on weekends, though.


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