A new OUTLANDER-related blog

I'm always happy to find new and interesting OUTLANDER fan sites.  Check out this brand-new OUTLANDER blog, TheOutlanderMovie, which I just discovered a few days ago.

From the introductory post:
My aim is to provide a blog to keep everyone up to date with any film news and at the same time to ask the all important and much speculated questions such as ....

.... Who will play Jamie Fraser?
But it seems this blog will feature more than just movie-casting discussions and casting videos.  For example, I thought her recent post about Outlander From a Man's Perspective was interesting.

I would encourage you to take a look at this new site.  I think you'll enjoy it.  The author of this blog, Louise, posts on Twitter as @JamieFraserFan.


Louise said...

This was a great thing to wake up to this morning, Karen. Thank you so much for going to the trouble of mentioning my new blog on your fantastic site.

Much appreciated!

From Louise (a.k.a. @jamiefraserfan)

Karen Henry said...


You're very welcome! :-) I just think that those of us who have OUTLANDER blogs need to support each other. It's only fair!


Unknown said...

I havent't figured out how to ask a question on this site.
I am reading the last book "an Echo in the Bone" . I have a question about the box Rodger found with Rev Wakefield's stuff, you know, the box with all the letters in it. The box had Jem's full name craved on the lid. Why did Bree ask" who is that"?

Thanks, Elaine frdwd6@gmail.com

Karen Henry said...


The quote you're referring to is at the end of A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES, not ECHO. Diana has explained on Compuserve that Bree means, "why does a box I've never seen before, clearly very old, have my son's full name on it?"

I agree that it's confusingly worded. If she'd said, "Where'd you get that?" or "That's weird, I've never seen that box before, why would it have Jemmy's full name on it?" or something like that, I think it would have been easier to understand her reaction. Oh, well.


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