Vote for your favorite OUTLANDER TV ad!

The Outlander Book Club site has started a poll on which of the three OUTLANDER TV ads created by Random House is your favorite.  Click here to vote.  (I'm not sure if you have to be a member of OBC to vote or not, but it's free.)  Thanks to TwilightTink on OBC for setting this up!

[UPDATE 6/5/2011 7:32 am:   If you're looking for the thread from the main page of the OBC site, it's in the "OUTLANDER News" section.]

If you haven't yet seen the TV ads, here they are:

Ad #1:

Ad #2:

Ad #3: (Diana says this one was produced by Random House Canada, specifically for the 20th anniversary)

Personally, I like the first one best, but I think they're all terrific!  Please take a moment to vote in the OBC poll.

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