New poll format

You may have noticed that I'm trying out a new format for the monthly poll. I decided I didn't like the poll options Blogger provides (too restrictive, no way to let users type in their own choices for "Other", no control over fonts or colors, etc.) and so I have switched to a poll widget hosted by

If you have already voted in the July poll, there's no need to vote again. I copied all of the results from the previous poll into the new format.

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the new poll, either to vote or to see the results. (And if you are having problems, it would help to know what web browser you're using. I tested it on Firefox and IE.) Thanks!


Sarah Meral said...

Hey Karen,
I like the new form a lot more! Especially for viewing the results. Before I had to scroll to the right to see the result and with this you sometimes didn´t know which was which.
Now everthing is there, no need for scolling.
Great choice!

Karen Henry said...

Glad to hear it!


Shannon said...

I like the new format too! Looking forward to the next one to vote again :)

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