Here's a new OUTLANDER quiz that someone posted a link to on Diana Gabaldon's Facebook page:

(Please note the hyphen at the end of the URL!  If you leave it out, the link won't work.)

This one is 50 questions in 15 minutes.  There are a handful of errors and misspellings in it (the clue that says "The Horse" should read "Master of Horse", for example), but for the most part, it's reasonably accurate.

My highest score so far is 48 out of 50. :-)

The clues appear in random order each time you take the quiz, but there seems to be only this one set of questions.

Have fun! :-)


Cari said...

Wow, that was hard! You didna say it would be fill-in-the-blank! lol I didn't even count to find out how many I got right. Probably 60%??

There were a couple that I knew, but apparently I didn't get the spelling right or didn't have their full name. And then there were some that I should have known, but my mine just went totally blank.

Fun quiz - thanks for passing it on!

Outlander Kitchen said...

Thanks for the link, Karen!

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