Pictures for OUTLANDER addicts

Here's just a small sampling of what I've found on Pinterest and other sites in the last few days.  Hope you like these!

[UPDATE 2/13/2012 7:43 am to add one more at the end, because I just couldn't resist....]

This one comes from My Outlander Purgatory, and I think the combination of the photo and the caption is just hilarious! (Speaking as one of the excerpt-avoiders myself, of course.)

I love this. Wish it came in Fraser tartan, but I still think it's hilarious! <g>

I can't wait until July when I go to Scotland!

This one has been going around Facebook in recent days. I think it's very appropriate for OUTLANDER-addicts, don't you? <g>

And here's one that somebody posted on Diana Gabaldon's Facebook page. I prefer "addicted" to "obsessed", myself, but I don't agree that nobody understands. OUTLANDER fans all over the world understand perfectly! <g>


Lara said...

These are awesome and the last one is particularly fitting for my life. I think in recent years the word fiction has been removed from my vocabulary and I struggle with this concept!

Anonymous said...

I love the tartan paint, lol!

-jen @

Victoria said...

Hahah! I love that third photo. :) Thanks for sharing!

Karen Henry said...

My favorite is the tartan paint. Glad you liked them!


denise said...

I just love the handsome man in the kilt Oh jaaaamiie! lol

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