Diana's books in German at the Poisoned Pen

Diana Gabaldon's assistant, Susan -- aka "Herself's Elf" -- asked me to pass on the following message:
Several GERMAN language editgons of Diana's books were just delivered to The Poisoned Pen, waiting for anxious readers to purchase a signed copy. There are various quanties of each book, usually 3-4 of each title shown.

The books consist of:

OUTLANDER (Feuer Und Stein)
DRAGONFLY IN AMBER (Die Geliehene Zeit)
VOYAGER (Ferne Ufer)
A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES (Ein Hauch von Schnee und Asche)
AN ECHO IN THE BONE (Echo der Hoffnung)
THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION (Der Magische Steinkreis)

Also in-stock, some Spanish, Polish, Italian and even Finnish editions available. Diana can sign AND personalize to YOU!!

For those of you who don't know, the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona, is Diana Gabaldon's local independent bookstore.  Diana stops by there frequently to sign books, and she says they will ship books all over the world.

Click here to order the books online from the Poisoned Pen site, or contact David at the Poisoned Pen (david@poisonedpen.com) to check availability of these books and place an order.

Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested.  Thanks!


JustHeather said...

Looked at the PP for the Finnish books, but didn't find them. I found 2 signed in Finland, but I believe they are of Swedish language. :)

Karen Henry said...

If you have questions about these books, contact the Poisoned Pen at the email in my blog post above. I have no information at all about these books, and I certainly can't tell the difference between Finnish and Swedish! Maybe they couldn't either?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen.
FWIW, it IS a bit difficult to tell which books are from what country since very little is noted in English. The only way I can tell is by looking at the inside page to find out the name of the city/country where they were published.
I.e., Lisbon = Portugal/Portuguese, Madrid = Spain/Spanish, etc. As for Finland...I don't remember which city was listed for the publishing information. :-)

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