REPOST: Spring pictures

I first posted this in 2009, and I think it's appropriate for today, too.

Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or just the return of springtime this weekend, here are a few pictures of what spring looks like in the various places mentioned in Diana Gabaldon's books.

(Please note, I didn't take any of these myself! The photos come from  Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Ben Rinnes from the Dufftown road
Glenlivet and Cairngorms in spring, Scotland

Gorse at Loch Morar
Gorse at Loch Morar, Scottish Highlands

April in the woods of NC
Creek in springtime, near Asheville, NC

Redbud in bloom
Redbud tree in bloom, North Carolina

Sunset on the Albemarle Sound
Sunset on the Albemarle Sound, NC (near the Outer Banks)


Nicole said...

Thank you for these photos, Karen, all of them are so very beautiful! I can hardly pick a favourite, but the Gorse at Loch Morar and the blooming tree are very lovely.

Karen Henry said...


I have a redbud tree in front of my house, and I love the look of it when it's blooming. (Very much like the picture, although my tree is not as big.) You can see redbuds in bloom from a long way off, even while driving, because of the distinctive color. (Most of the year the leaves are a dark red.)

I'm glad you liked the pictures!


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