RIP Zorro

Many of you will remember the Friesian stallion, Zorro, who was shown in the video on my Friday Fun Facts post from May 4th. 

Today I learned from Barbara Schnell that Zorro died unexpectedly a few days ago.  Barbara says she'd known this horse almost all of his life, and she's very close to his rider, Jessica Suess.  Obviously this came as a big shock to everyone who knew and cared for Zorro.

Here is an article explaining what happened.  Apparently he had a gastric ulcer that ruptured suddenly.  Not something that could have been prevented.

My condolences to Barbara, and to Jessica!  Zorro was a beautiful horse, and I'm glad we got to see him on the video.

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Blackbird Marsh said...

Friesians are such gorgeous animals. It's heartbreaking to lose a horse ,or any pet,suddenly..

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