Revolutionary War battles...animated!

Here's a site I think many of you would be interested in, especially if you like learning about the history of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary War Animated

From the site's main page:
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good animation is worth ten thousand. After reading book after book about the Revolutionary War and finding only complicated maps with dotted lines and dashed lines crisscrossing the pages, we decided to depict the key naval and land battles using animation technology.
For example, if you want to view the battles at Saratoga/Ticonderoga that were described in AN ECHO IN THE BONE, go here and click the red "Play" button in the middle of the page.  Then just keep clicking Play to advance the animation to the next frame.

Thanks to my friend Sandy on Compuserve for the link!


JW said...

Oh man, I love this! I am always looking at maps when I read about battles, trying to figure out how everything happened. This is much better than a static map.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! Thank you, Karen. The animation of Yorktown is also quite good.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS. Am going to explore for myself, and send the link to my kids! Any student of history is going to enjoy it. THANK YOU!


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