Article about the TV series in The Scotsman

Here's an article about the upcoming OUTLANDER TV series that appeared in the June 6 edition of The Scotsman, a major newspaper in Scotland.

Note this comment from the show's executive producer, Ron Moore:
"The idea would be to do a season a book."
Isn't that great news?!

By the way, don't be dismayed by the comments accompanying the article.  Here's Diana Gabaldon's reaction on Compuserve:
The comments there actually have nothing at all to do with the story, my books, or the TV show. They're part of the ongoing (and increasingly acrimonious) argument between supporters of the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party), who are heavily in favor of Scotland leaving the Union with England and becoming entirely independent, and those who think (with some reason) that this would be a disastrous idea and that the SNP are dangerous nuts. <g>

Evidently, they'll seize on anything--in this instance, the suggestion that the TV series might increase tourism (thus enhancing the Scottish economy)--to snipe at each other in a public forum.
For more information about the TV series, please check out my new OUTLANDER TV Series FAQ.  I will update it as more information becomes available.

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