OUTLANDER free preview starts August 2nd!

More information from STARZ about the free preview of Episode 101 ("Sassenach"), which will be available starting August 2.  (This is for US viewers only.)

OUTLANDER Episode 101 Preview FAQ

Please note that it says this will start at midnight Eastern time. I don't plan to stay up tonight to watch <g>, but I will certainly be watching first thing Saturday morning!  I can't wait!

UPDATE 8/1/2014 7:17 pm: If you live outside the US, please read Diana Gabaldon's comments below, posted on her Facebook page earlier today:
I apologize to the non-US people, but the bottom line here is that STARZ is an American production company, they're making the show, and they have the rights to display it--in the US only. SONY corporation sells licensing rights in the non-US countries, and you'll just have to wait until your country has a deal and announces their own viewing schedule.


Unknown said...

With the insomnia I've been dealing with lately, I'll probably be awake anyway, so I might sneak a viewing in....

Kakalina said...

I doubt I can stay awake for it but I will be watching it at 5am Saturday. I can't believe it is finally here. I have been waiting for this since the first book was published, lo these many years ago.

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