STARZ OUTLANDER marathon on Christmas Day!

STARZ will be running an OUTLANDER marathon on Christmas Day!  Starting at 3pm ET/PT on Thursday, STARZ will be showing all 8 episodes of the OUTLANDER TV series.

(Note for those of you on the West Coast: I've been informed that if you subscribe to the East Coast feed, the marathon starts at noon Pacific Time.)

In the meantime, here's the OUTLANDER Yule Log, featuring music by composer Bear McCreary.


leaves on the Raney Tree said...

That's great for newcomers, but didn't most of us tape them, so we can watch whenever we get lonely.

Anonymous said...

In western canada like calgary .do not see it listed.

Jean Macfie said...

The Yule Log. I have played this so many times and sent it to all my friends. My daughter in Scotland doesn't have an open fire so she connected the laptop to the large TV screen in the corner of the sitting room.

Grandmagogo said...

I’m looking for it too! I have most of the seasons taped but not 1&2.

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