The latest Brianna casting rumors

As I write this, we are still waiting for the official announcement of the casting of Brianna Randall in OUTLANDER Season 2, and time is running out! They started filming the last two episodes of the season on Monday, and we still don't know who is going to play this critical role.

I hope that the actress has already been found and they're just delaying the announcement while they finalize contract details or something, because (as those of you who have read the books are well aware) they can't very well film the final episode without including Brianna!

Not to worry, though. The OUTLANDER cast and production team have the situation under control! Here's Maril Davis, executive producer:

Diana Gabaldon's reaction:

Richard Rankin, who plays Roger Wakefield, reacts to the news:

But wait! Could it be that Maril has been spreading false rumors? Here's Sam Heughan to set the record straight:

I promise I'll post here as soon as we hear any OFFICIAL news about Brianna's casting. Soon, we hope!


Susanlynn♥ said...

Tick-tock..I cannot wait to hear the name of the lucky girl who won the role. I am currently rereading DIA. April seems a long way away as I wait through a cold, gray winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, has there been any mention of format..I.e. Will they do the story in flashback like the book? Is the first episode final or could they add in the Brianna parts still?

B.Newberry said...

Shame Laura Prepon grew up...she'd have been perfect: very tall, strapping, well proportioned & beautiful girl who looked great with red hair as a teen. If you don't want to go for the height, the lovely girl who plays the daughter on 'Castle' would be good, after they get her hair back to the decent shade it was prior to last season.

Cfcobb said...

I still don't understand WHY they are bringing in Brianna in the
next season !! She does not show up til the 3rd book. Isn't there
Enough story line to work without adding her?? I love her and roger but I want Jamie and Claire to have all of the time they

Cara Rule said...

Well Lotte just said she was headed for Scotland on Saturday. So I imagine she'll be appearing in the same episode (last) as Brianna, Roger and Claire just like the book. Brianna's casting has become a real nailbiter!!!

Karen Henry said...

Cfcobb - Brianna Randall definitely does appear DRAGONFLY IN AMBER! The "framing story" that begins and ends that book takes place in 1968, and Bree and Roger are major characters in that part of the story, although they don't appear in the rest of the book.


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I'm sure that they will find the right person soon, will try to watch Season2 , but I work at a local Hotel , we are closed for the Winter , it's Summer resort , so I'm reading all of the books during the Off -Season , but around April and May , things get busy with re-opening so I'll be busy with that , so I'll try to watch as much as possible, please post more soon, Happy Week, Love your Blog, Sincerely Yours. Mary Tormey.

Cfcobb said...

Karen, ok-- I guess I missed that part- the 3 times that I read it. I think my Nook skipped that(it has a strange way of doing that some times ) and went straight to the part of Claire waking up in Paris and being sick.When they started talking about Brianna for this next season I just couldn't understand it- I went back several times to find it.I just went to my phone and looked it up and THERE IT WAS!!!
But I would still like have more Jamie and Claire.
Thanks for your help,

Mary Kathryn Kramer said...

That twitter exchange is a riot! Can't wait to hear about Brianna!

Cherry Bounce said...

I have not been this impatient since I was awaiting the births of my three babies. It seems that Brianna must have cast already since they are getting ready to film those final episodes . I have seen a few names mentioned on different sites .

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