Droughtlander Re-Watch: EP103 ("The Way Out")

Droughtlander Re-Watch, Week 3:  Episode 103 ("The Way Out")


If you haven't watched all of OUTLANDER Seasons 1 and 2, there are SPOILERS in this post.  Read at your own risk.

My first thought on hearing the train, and seeing Claire and Frank in WWII uniform, was, "Oh, I forgot all about that!"  This little flashback is well done, and a good addition.

The next scene, where Claire imagines what would happen if she told Mrs. Fitz the truth about being from the future, is also very well done, and I liked it very much!  I couldn't help thinking about the scene in Season 2, in Paris, where Murtagh learns that Claire is from the future. He too has a lot of trouble wrapping his mind around it!

Good to see a bit of Claire's healing skills here.  I liked watching Angus and Rupert, hovering in the background.

The scene with Colum and the tailor is just terrific, one of my favorite Colum scenes in the whole season.  I love the way he pulls the dirk on the other man, making it abundantly clear that he's the one in charge.  And I was fascinated by the way they portrayed Colum's "shockingly bowed and stumpy legs".

In the scene in the Hall, finally we're back to the book. <g>  This scene is very much as I always imagined it, except that I was a little taken aback to see Claire being so friendly toward Laoghaire.  (She'll come to regret that soon enough!)

The scene with Jamie and Claire alone together is terrific, full of understated sexual tension, and I loved watching the way they look at each other.

I didn't like the "demonic possession" plotline at all the first time I watched this episode, although I've gotten used to it over time.  I don't like it when the writers stray so far away from the book.

"Have you ever found yourself in a situation with no earthly explanation?" Geillis asks.  So she's dropping hints, from the early days of their relationship, that she suspects Claire is a time-traveler.

"A priest once told me my healing skills were a gift from God."  Good line, and it shut Angus up instantly!

Father Bain is a very imposing figure, much more so than in the book. It's difficult to watch him in this episode without recalling his very dramatic appearance at the witch-trial.

When I saw Jamie kissing Laoghaire in the alcove, my first reaction was to feel sorry for Claire. She's so alone there, and now even Jamie seems more interested in L (at least for that moment).  I also thought of Jamie, in DRAGONFLY IN AMBER, sternly warning Claire to stay away from alcoves. <g>

Angus's reaction when he returns to find Claire sitting where he'd left her is just priceless.  "Good. Verra good. You know how to obey a man's orders, for once."  That made me laugh.

The scene with Murtagh, Claire, and Jamie is excellent, very close to the book. It's also our first good look at Murtagh.  I think giving Murtagh Old Alec's lines in this scene works very well, and you can tell, even at this stage, that Murtagh cares deeply for Jamie.

I like the interior of Geillis's room very much.  And again she's dropping hints:  "It can't be easy, being a Sassenach in the Highlands -- assuming that's what you mean."

I had forgotten about Arthur Duncan.  His performance in this scene is way over the top, but very entertaining.  (He reminds me a bit of Simon Callow as the Duke of Sandringham, in that respect.)  I also liked the way Geillis pleads with Arthur to show lenience to the tanner's lad.

Jamie looks terrific in the scene where he shows up at Geillis's house. And I loved the way he rescues the tanner's lad -- very much as described in the book, but Sam looks like he's enjoying himself.

"Would you be willing to risk helping me again?"  This is an effective segue back to the Black Kirk storyline.

The scene at the Black Kirk is one of the first that takes place on a sunny day. <g> Good to see that it doesn't rain all the time in Scotland!

I was rather startled by Father Bain's "I am the Lord's disciple!"  It's ben a long time since I last saw this episode, and I wasn't expecting that much vehemence from him.

I loved Mrs. Fitz's line: "This is my sister's house, and my father's before that, and we will decide what is done under its roof."  Good for her!

"God will have the last word. I promise you that."  Foreshadowing -- Father Bain will be back!

I loved seeing Claire with her hair down in the final scene.  It's a much less severe look than we've seen since she arrived at the castle, and I can't help thinking that Jamie must prefer it that way, too. <g>

The scene with Gwyllyn the bard singing about the wife of Balnain is enjoyable, but I wish they hadn't tried to make so many of the details in the ballad match Claire's story exactly. I don't think they needed to beat the audience over the head with it.  Give the viewers a little credit for being able to figure things out for themselves!

On the other hand, I liked Claire's voiceover at the very end, including her determination to get back to the stone circle "or die trying", which sets up things very nicely for the next episode.

Overall, I like this episode a lot better than I did when I first saw it.  On re-watching, I'm struck by how many scenes were taken straight from the book. At this point, after two seasons, I no longer take it for granted that the show will include a lot of the original dialogue from the book, and it's a pleasure to see it here.  That's quite different from my original response to this episode, when I was bewildered and annoyed by the Black Kirk subplot, the first time the writers had strayed so far away from the book.

Please come back next week for my reactions to Episode 104, "The Gathering".

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Mary Tormey said...

hi Karen , I liked the opening with Claire and Frank at the station , it reminds me of Claire with Jamie when she tells him she wants to work at the hospital in Paris in season 2 , I liked Mrs, Fritz reaction to hearing that Claire is from the future , felt Agnus was comic relief in a lot of scenes as well as Rupert, liked the scenes with them in Claire 's surgery and she had not trouble telling them what to do , . Gary Lewis is perfect as Colum and it was clever in the way his condition was displayed , Jamie & Claire first feel attraction towards each other in her surgery , felt Claire was too nice to Leaohaire , especially after what she does to Claire later , during the Witch Trial , LIked the scenes with Gelleis, you can tell that she 's trying to find out where Claire is from , love seeing Claire 's medical skills used in this episode , Murtagh , shows his wisdom when he tells Claire to be careful in teasing Jamie , and that he needs a woman in his life , hinting that Leery is wrong for him, plus it shows how he cares for Jamie , the village looks the way its described in the book and like the different reactions Claire and Gellis show in seeing the boy with his ear pinned to the poll , Jamie & Claire are very natural in the scenes in which Jamie helps the boy get loose , I too felt the Black Kirk scene was different from the book and was disertracting a bit , liked the way Mrs, Fitz stands up to Father Bain , when Claire comes to help Thomas , Claire looked more feminine with her hair down and the ending was interesting , but a little over done , liked this episode very much , please post more soon. sincerely

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