Interview with Sony's Chris Parnell

Here's a very interesting audio interview with Sony TV's Chris Parnell from EW's OUTLANDER Live podcast. Among other things, he says:
“In order to keep this show year by year and not have a Droughtlander, we had better start hustling on season 5 right now. I can tell you there are early talks on us doing that, to absolutely not have an extended Droughtlander like we’ve had before. That’s the goal.”
Keep your fingers crossed!

Click here to listen to the show.  The interview with Chris Parnell starts at about 28 minutes into the recording, and it's definitely worth listening to! His comments about Season 5 start at around the 41 minute mark.

"I'm in this to tell Diana's story to completion," Chris says. I find that very reassuring!


Anonymous said...

Loved this interview. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen I hope this means that the writers wil take time out to really read the books and really get to know the characters the main ones as well as the minor ones , Drums of Autum and The Fiery Cross are two favorite books of mine from the series so I hope the writers do a great job with it , will be watching season 4 of Outlander in 2018. please post more soon. sincerely .

Debbi said...

Hi Karen - thanks for sharing - really enjoyed the Chris Parnell interview...not to appear too greedy - here's hoping all will continue as planned as will season 5, 6 .... thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Karen I once found a site on your blog, for all of Diana Gabaldon's "Daily Lines" in one place. Have mislaid that connection, please do you know what that is. It was so interesting to go back and reread her earlier ones.

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