BBC Alba tells the story of OUTLANDER (in Gaelic!)

My friend Cathy MacGregor sent me the link to this very interesting hour-long video from BBC Alba that tells the story of OUTLANDER, in Gaelic! (With English subtitles, of course.)  It's fascinating to hear the rhythms and sounds of the Gaelic language, even if you don't understand most of the words.

If you're in the UK, use this link instead.

The program, filmed in 2016, features interviews with Diana Gabaldon, herbalist Claire MacKay, the Earl of Cromartie (current chief of Clan MacKenzie), and others, discussing the history, customs, and folklore of the period -- everything from changelings to witch-trials to the infamous Black Watch. And there are lots of gorgeous views of Scottish scenery!

At about 48 minutes into the video, Diana Gabaldon talks about walking battlefields. "Most of them are not haunted. One is." And then she visibly starts to choke up, saying she can't talk about it or she'll cry.

I thought this program was very well done and I would definitely recommend it to OUTLANDER fans!

UPDATE 7/12/2018 12:34 pm: If you're having problems with the video, all I can tell you is that it worked for me in the US. Some people have reported that the link goes to a porn site, but that didn't happen for me. If you're having issues like that, I'm sorry to hear it!

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