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Looking for information about Diana Gabaldon's current and future projects? To the best of my knowledge -- and keeping in mind that I have NO inside information whatsoever! -- this is where things stand right now. (Last updated January 16, 2024)

Diana posted this list of what she'll be working on in 2024 on her Facebook page on January 1, 2024.

 Work on Book Ten. (NO, it’s not going to be finished this coming year (let us not be ridiculous...), but I think we’ll get a good deal further. It’s in a good place.)
 Finish writing first Prequel Novel. (These will be about the size of one of the Lord John novels; those, I can finish within 9-10 months, so we hope for the best.)
 Consult on Prequel show.
 Consult on Season Eight.
(Consulting basically means reading all the iterations (average 6-8) of each script, plus--when filming starts--watching the dailies.))  Write script for Prequel show.
 Write script for Season Eight.
(FYI – writing a script takes me roughly three weeks (not counting revisions, which tend to be quick). Writing one of the Big Books takes a minimum of three years.)

(For those of you who don't know, the "Prequel show" Diana is referring to is BLOOD OF MY BLOOD, which will tell the story of Jamie Fraser's parents. Look here for more information.)

Here is a list of all the current and future books Diana is working on or plans to write in the coming years.

1) Book 10 of the OUTLANDER series

Diana Gabaldon began writing Book 10 in September, 2021. It normally takes her 4-5 years to write one of the Big Books, so it will be quite a while before we have any information on when this book might be published. Stay tuned!

2) Brian/Ellen Prequel

Diana Gabaldon is also working on the first of a series of prequel novels (as yet untitled, as far as I know) which will tell the story of Jamie's parents, Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie. In light of the news about a spinoff TV series, BLOOD OF MY BLOOD, I'm sure many of you are curious, but we have very little information yet.

One thing we do know is that the prequel will not be a single novel! In a video interview on September 8, 2023, Diana said:

The prequel is actually three books, fairly short ones. And that's because of the history of the way the first Jacobite Rising fell out. It falls naturally into three historical and geographical periods. So I thought, for the sake of readers, I would try to put it in three smaller books, rather than one huge book. That way they don't have to wait so long.

Stay tuned for further updates as we learn more!

3) Master Raymond book

Diana has said for years that she intends to tell the story of Master Raymond, the first of the time-travelers, but that will probably have to wait until the main series is complete. She is not currently working on this book.


Diana also intends (eventually!) to tell the story of "what Frank knew". She confirmed on Twitter on February 8, 2023, that WHAT FRANK KNEW will be the title of the book.

We don't know yet precisely what will be included in this book, but some possibilities include: What convinced him that Claire was telling the truth about the time-travel? Did he find evidence of Claire or Bree in the past?


There will (eventually) be a third volume of the OUTLANDISH COMPANION, covering books 9, 10, and probably other things. Diana is collecting things to put in it, but she's not actively working on this book yet.


We know very little about this book so far. It will probably include the story of how Lord John and Isobel's relationship developed, as well as how John became involved in working for England's Black Chamber.

7) THE CANNIBAL'S ART (non-fiction)

Diana has talked for many years about eventually publishing a book about writing (the title comes from a conversation between Jamie and Lord John in VOYAGER) but we have no idea when she might start actively working on it. Probably not until the main series is finished. 

That's all the information I have right now. Please check back later for further updates.


Luci said...

I hope Diana will have a long healthy life because this woman is on fire! She have so many plans for us and I am here for all of it <3

Reading in Houston said...

Seems to me she has to get Book 10 out at the same time Season 8 is broadcast, if the show is going to truly have an "ending."

And IMHO, that last question has to be answered or it isn't finished.

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