New Diana Gabaldon podcast: "Battlefields"

Diana Gabaldonhas posted another new podcast on her website, here.

This one is all about writing battle scenes. It includes an excerpt from AN ECHO IN THE BONE. (Once again, I would ask you please not to discuss that excerpt here. An excellent place for excerpt discussions is the Ladies of Lallybroch Excerpt Board.)

This podcast is about 11 minutes long. It might be of more interest to writers than non-writers, but Diana is always worth listening to. <g>


Karen Henry said...

Can someone who's listened to the whole podcast answer a question for me? I was trying to fast-forward through the last part of it, intending to skip the excerpt, when my ear was caught by the word "hippopotami". <g> Now, this is naturally not a word you hear in general conversation, but I certainly wouldn't put it past Diana to be referring to hippopotami in her writing.

So, here's my question. Was that word actually *in* the excerpt, or in the part where she talks *about* the excerpt?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Anonymous said...

She uses the word "hippopotami" in the excerpt. If you want me to tell you how she uses it, I will - it doesn't give anything away as far as plot.

Diane M. said...

Hi Karen,

The word "hippopotami" is used in the excerpt itself. [g] It's used a few times in a brief exchange that Jamie has with himself. There aren't any actual hippopotami in the scene. [g]

According to my Windows Media Player, the excerpt itself is from about 6:53 - 10:16. Diana starts the lead in to the excerpt with a crucial definition at 6:24, but the excerpt itself doesn't start until 6:53. After the excerpt she does reflect on how her actual writing goes along with the craft she was explaining prior to the excerpt so depending on how hands off you want to be with Echo information, you may want to be careful there too.

As far as listening to Diana talk about how to write, I find it fascinating! I am not a writer, but I am an avid reader. My critical reading skills have dramatically improved from listening to her talk about how she writes and what makes or breaks a scene. I love it!

Karen Henry said...

Thanks to both of you for the quick response!

Diane, that information was extremely helpful and I'll give the podcast another listen when I get home from work this evening, keeping that timing in mind. And your comment that "there are no actual hippopotami in the scene" made me laugh. Well, that's a relief! <g>


Merrymags said...

I agree with Diane M that DG has been a wonderful, if accidental or serendipitous, instructor on matters of writing. I have learned so much and read within a more educated framework.

One aspect I enjoy about DG's podcasts is listening to her voice. Folks have commented on the quality of it -- how it doesn't seem to "fit" her. Now, after having the pleasure to meet her at a book signing, and listening to her past podcasts, videos, etc., I cannot imagine her any other way. It always tickles me how that petite woman has that voice!


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