December poll

I just posted a new poll for the month of December.

With the holidays approaching, everyone is so focused on gift-giving that I thought it would be appropriate to look at the various gifts, given and received, in Diana's books.

Please take a moment to vote in the poll, and feel free to comment here if you like.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting poll.
I voted for the medicine box (a hard choice for me and a close second was the silver ring) because I think it was truly a gift of love to Claire from Jamie in that it showed he lovingly understood her desire and need to administer to the sick as a nurse.


Anonymous said...

This really is a tough poll - I was torn between the silver ring from Jamie, the pearl necklace (because of it's history with Ellen and the original giver) and the medicine box (first because Jamie remembered their anniversary and second for the same reason Shamrock mentioned). I voted for the ring because to me it represents the love story between Jamie and Claire. And I loved the scene when he gave it her, after all her doubts and concerns about Jamie's errand.

Karen Henry said...


I feel the same way. I love the gift of the medicine box because it shows Jamie appreciates Claire for who she is, that he values her skill as a healer and doesn't feel threatened by it.

But my sentimental favorite will always be Claire's wedding ring, because of just the reasons you stated.

I can't let mention of that scene go by without relating this story. I was in the bookstore one day about six months after I got hooked on the series, and noticed a display labeled Paperback Favorites, with OUTLANDER prominently featured. I picked up a copy, opened it to a random page, and found myself looking at the scene where Jamie gives Claire the ring. Within a page, no more, I had tears in my eyes. In public, in the middle of a crowded bookstore. I was stunned, that a few brief words could have that effect on me. To this day it's one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.


Melanie said...

These polls are great......getting us thinking in many directions! Another reason the wedding ring is my choice is the inscription. DG outdid herself choosing that particular inscription, Cattulus made the story even more real for us since he existed and Jamie would have read his works!
Other gifts in the books that bring a smile; the wooden snake that Jamie's brother William carved for him, and the bouquet that Jamie picks for Claire in FC that turns out to be poison ivy!!
Thanks Karen!!

Karen Henry said...


I can't believe I forgot about the little wooden snake Jamie's brother gave him! You're absolutely right, it belongs on this list as well. (I've always thought it was rather a miracle that it survived the fire in ABOSAA.)


Saundra Grose said...

Hi Karen,

I voted for the necklace; a true gift of love to give his mother's pearls to Claire on their wedding day, especially under the circumstances of their marriage. He loved her but she did not love him and he knew it; it was a leap of faith on his part that their marriage would grow beyond friendship. He gave Claire all of him from the beginning with no reservations.

The necklace also became significant to Brianna, not only as additional proof as to her true lineage, but also in proving to Jenney and Ian who she really was.


Anonymous said...

While I'll always love my wedding ring given to me on my wedding day, I treasure a gift that my husband gave me years later that was not particularly romantic nor expensive, but was totally and completely "me." I loved it because it showed that my husband truly understood me and "got" what made me tick. Therefore, I voted for Jamie's gift of the medicine box, while Claire's silver ring was a close second for me.

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